Campost ™ is an innovation from Crime and Fire Defence Systems to meet many perimeter security scenarios and provide cost reductions. It has been specifically designed to bring security protection, detection at the first line of defence, to the perimeter of your assets.

Campost™ combines a security fencing post with security CCTV, Intruder Detection, Audio and Lighting all integral within the fence post. 

The unique features of Campost™ offers Carbon reduction along with no requirement for additional camera towers which take valuable asset space. This means there will be more expansion room available within your current land at no extra expense or time loss.

Campost™ offers cost reductions in installation projects and is flexible to all current high security fencing designs and technology products.
This gives you choice of product in every way shaping your design to suit your needs.

The Innovated design means no extra cabinets and easy to maintain technology systems.