Campost™ – Gas Distributor Goes Forward

Gas distributor takes forward the innovation of Campost™ on a trial site with an objective to save on asset space and project cost, which also helps carbon reduction within the project and working towards government drive to reduce Carbon.

The Project was to protect the asset and Secure Gas supply on a 24 hour basis, therefore the design has built in Perimeter Protection via 358 type Weldmesh fencing barrier system offering a finish to blend into the local environment, but offer deterrent with a Razor wire topping due to being a remote site.

With the holistic approach to the security design Crime and Fire Defence System Ltd integrated fully via the monitoring Command Centre with new intruder sensor technology via laser detection sensors making the detection future proofed and of the latest technology.

The essential access control to authorised only those qualified to enter site monitoring 24 hours a day and collecting data and reporting information to record entry processes, implementing health and safety policies, not relying on keys and non – approved personal entry.

Monitoring the site with high security CCTV and lighting and audio communication, combined into the INNOVATION of CAMPOST™, incorporating the camera, detection and audio position into the Perimeter fencing.

The benefit of the Campost innovation eliminates the requirement for camera towers and bases within the asset site. This brings cost benefits in the region of 12% reduction on the overall project and a large area of space expansion for the stakeholder by not requiring Camera towers and bases within the asset.

This therefore allows room for expansion for the Utilities at no cost to Security now and in the future.

Layers of Technology and innovation Security allows the Stakeholders to have freedom of asset space and 24-hour operations. Investment that can be recovered and future proofed offering value for money.